Editorial Board

We are honored to have scholars from around the world contribute to the diverse needs and multi-disciplinary focus of Journal on Policy and Complex Systems.

Editorial Board

   Mirsad Hadzikadic
Complex Systems Institute, UNC Charlotte


Liz Johnson, Managing Editor
Complex Systems Institute, George Washington University
Joseph Cochran, Associate Editor
N. Gizem Bacaksizlar, Communication Editor
Elizabeth von Briesen, Communication Editor
Kevin Mitchell, Intern
UNC Charlotte


Editorial Board
Desai Anand, 
    John Glenn College of Public Affairs,
    The Ohio State University
Riccardo Boero,
    Los Alamos  National Laboratory
Nicoletta Corrocher, 
    Department of Management and Technology,
    Bocconi University
Ivan Garibay.
    University of Central Florida
Mark Esposito, 
    Harvard University and
    University of Cambridge
Magda Fontana,
    Collegio Carlo Alberto
Robert Geyer,
    Lancaster University, UK
Michael Givel,
    University of Oklahoma
Ricardo Hausmann,
    Harvard University and
    Santa Fe Institute
George A. Kaplan, 
    Center for Social Epidemiology & Population Health,
     University of Michigan
Daniel Kim, 
    Bouvé College of Health Sciences,
    Northeastern University
Ugo Merlone, 
    University of Torino, Italy
Pietro Terna, 
    University of Turin, Italy
Caroline S. Wagner, 
    Battelle Center for Science & Technology Policy
Steve Wallis,
    Fulbright Specialist and Director of Meta-Analysis,
    Meaningful Evidence, LLC
Joseph Whitmeyer,
    UNC Charlotte
Mohammad Jalali (‘MJ’)
     Research Faculty, MIT Sloan




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