Latest Issue of the Journal on Policy and Complex Systems

Journal on Policy and Complex Systems,
Volume 4, Number 2, Fall 2018 

Editor’s Letter 
Mirsad Hadžikadić

Complexity Framework and Tools for Understanding Policy

Complexity Analytics and Public Policy Cautions and Opportunities Going Forward
Claudia C. Pharis

PolicySpace: A Modeling Platform
Bernardo Alves Furtado

A Complexity Theory of Power
Michael Francis McCullough

Integrating Computational Tools into Foreign Policy: Introducing Mesa Packages with a Coalition Algorithm
Thomas D. Pike

What Makes Complex Systems Complex?
Russ Abbott

Complexity, Business and Environment

Dynamic Firm Location Network Model with Anticipatory Scenarios for the Northeast Ohio Region 
Sanda Kaufman, Miron Kaufman, Mark Salling

Modeling Economic Interdependence in Deterrence Using a Serious Game
Laura Epifanovskaya, Kiran Lakkaraju, Joshua Letchford, Mallory Stites, Jason Reinhardt, and Jon Whetzel

The Limits of Predictability in Predefining Phase Spaces of Dynamic Social–Ecological Systems: “Command and Control” Versus “Complex Systems”-Based Policy Design Approaches to Conserve Tropical Forests
Asim Zia and Stuart Kauffman

Complexity and Social Structures

Expanding Science and Advancing Reflexive Government:  Two Current Projects in Cybernetics
 Hilton L. Root

Using Integrative Propositional Analysis to Understand and Integrate Four Theories of Social Power Systems
Stuart A. Umpleby

Matching Students to Schools
Aja Watkins

The Nature of Spatial and Social Structures: Christopher Alexander and the Development of Modeling Frameworks for Urban Policy Contexts
Milton J. Friesen