Latest Issue of the Journal on Policy and Complex Systems


Volume 7, Number 1 • Spring 2021
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Editor’s Letter
Liz Johnson and Joseph Cochran

COVID-19 Researcher’s Essays
Simplifying Complexity in COVID-19 Policy Narratives: Challenges Presented by Policy Agenda Setting Processes for Complex Adaptive Systems Research
John T. Halloran, PhD, JD and Alexciana Castaneda

Modeling Infectious Behavior: The Need to Account for
Behavioral Adaptations in COVID-19 Models
Raffaele Vardavas, Pedro Nascimento de Lima, Paul K. Davis,
Andrew M. Parker and Lawrence Baker

Can Agent-Based Models Enable Scientistic Policymaking on
an Understanding of Causal Mechanisms?
Shigeaki Ogibayashi

Automatic Discovery of Attention Flows Under Policy Uncertainty
Percy Venegas

Policy Guidelines to Face COVID-19 in Peru: A Complex Systems Perspective
Teresa Salinas, Magaly Tejada, Juan José Encinas, Iván Garibay

Labor-Management Negotiations in COVID Times: Anticipating
Power Balance Effects
Miron Kaufman, Sanda Kaufman, Maria Koutsovoulou

Complexity and Policy Research
Could Periodic Nonpharmaceutical Intervention Strategies
Produce Better COVID-19 Health and Economic Outcomes? 
Raffaele Vardavas, Pedro Nascimento de Lima, and Lawrence Baker

A Complex Systems Agenda for Teaching and Conducting
Policy Studies 
Paul K. Davis, Tim McDonald, Ann Pendleton-Jullian,
Angela O’Mahony, and Osonde Osoba

COVID-19 Student Essays
Human Trafficking on the Dark Web: What Is It and How Can
It Be Prevented?
Sierra Cubero

The Digital Divide During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Jill Dahlem